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National Parks in the U.S.

Grand Teton National Park

There is no better way to see the US than with a Parks vacation. From Alaska’s tidewater glaciers, California’s towering redwoods and the hot springs and geysers of America’s first National Park, Yellowstone, to the “Switzerland of the North,” Glacier, the protected mangroves and manatees of the Everglades and Civil War battlefields and historic sites that pepper the east coast, perfectly preserved ecosystems and snapshots of history are waiting to be discovered.

There are nearly 400 National Parks, monuments, historical parks, historic sites and other national designations throughout the United States located in seven distinct regions:

  1. Alaska
  2. Pacific West
  3. InterMountain
  4. Midwest
  5. Northeast
  6. National Capital
  7. Southeast

The possibilities are endless when considering a vacation to the country’s National Parks. Hike the Appalachian Trail. Marvel at the Washington Monument, the most prominent structure in Washington, DC and one of the city’s first attractions. Camp in some of the West’s most famed Parks. See incredible wildlife ranging from Alaska’s whales and seals to bighorn sheep and bears of Montana to endangered manatees and crocodiles in Florida. Drive across historic roadways connecting fascinating Parks and natural attractions or sit back and leave the driving to someone else as you travel through unspoiled natural beauty by train. Whatever your tastes, interests and budget, there is a fantastic selection of National Parks tours for you.

National Park System by the numbers:

  1. 58 National Parks
  2. 123 historical parks and sites
  3. 74 monuments
  4. 25 battlefields and military parks
  5. 18 preserves
  6. 18 recreation areas
  7. 10 seashores
  8. 4 parkways
  9. 4 lakeshores
  10. 2 reserves