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Grizzlies: Kodiak to Katmai



7 or 8 days from $6,995

Nature puts on few displays as arresting as Alaskan brown bears feeding on late-summer’s bounty. The bears of Kodiak Island—the largest grizzlies in the world—gorge on spawning salmon as they swim up the rivers that pour onto these wild beaches. Our private chartered boat offers an exclusive opportunity to follow the bears along the shoreline as they fish, dig for clams and lope along the beach. Ashore, we have an even closer vantage point as we watch from a careful distance. Here in Katmai National Park, experience this rarest of encounters with Ursus arctos in all its untamed majesty!

Kodiak Bear



  1. Get closer to giant grizzly bears, in a wilder setting, than anywhere else on earth
  2. Coastal cruising on a private ship allows unparalleled personal access for bear watching
  3. View bears foraging on the beach as we walk on shore


Day 1 – Arrive in Kodiak, Alaska
Arrive in Kodiak for the start of your grizzly bear adventure. Travelers arriving early in the day may wish to explore Kodiak’s native and Russian heritage on their own. Destinations can include the National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, St. Paul Harbor, Baranov Museum, Alutiiq Museum, Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park, where guns were readied to defend against an invasion during World War II. Meet your fellow travelers this evening at an informal orientation dinner.

Day 2 – Kodiak Island

Today we explore Kodiak’s coastal waters and rocky shorelines on a private boat trip. Journey to Kodiak’s protected inner island, past tidal pools and offshore kittiwake rookeries, amid sea lions, otters, puffins, bald eagles and oftentimes whales. Kodiak is remote, not often visited by travelers to Alaska, and our sense of a unique encounter with nature is palpable as we glide through the rockbound coves. We will enjoy a picnic lunch ashore and spend some time on the coastal trail lined with wildflowers and Sitka spruce trees. This evening we will have a gourmet home-cooked dinner aboard the boat.

Day 3 – Hallo Bay

Take a floatplane (weather-contingent) from Kodiak to Kukak Bay to meet our ship. The plane pulls up right alongside, and we disembark to board the vessel that will be our floating home for the next several days. We cruise slowly along the coast toward Hallo Bay, where we commonly find coastal grizzlies, or brown bears, foraging for food. As we are mobile, we can cruise to wherever the bears are, following them from bay to bay.

Days 4 - 6 – Coastal Katmai

While we’ve all seen footage in nature documentaries of Alaskan brown bears in the wild, nothing prepares us for the drama of an actual encounter with these magnificent beasts, just yards away. They are North America’s largest land predators, and an adult male can weigh 900 lbs. As we cruise just off the coast, bears dot the shoreline. We go ashore by skiff for an even closer view, exploring the beaches on foot. It’s not uncommon to find massive grizzlies in great numbers; our previous trips have seen as many as 30 to 40 of them at once. And far from dozing lethargically, these bears put on quite a show in their efforts to fill up on enough protein-rich food to prepare them for a long winter in hibernation.

We watch as they fight to capture salmon in their jaws, trying to seize spawning fish as they make their way up the streams that flow into the tidal area. As omnivores, they also dig for clams in the sand and browse on sedge grass. Depending on the time of our visit, we may even see bears mating or cubs gallivanting on the shore. On our other trips we watch grizzlies from viewing platforms or vehicles. Not here. In coastal Katmai we are on foot, carefully wandering the area in our small group under the cautious guidance of your Expedition Leader. In addition, it is not uncommon for our groups often see wolves, and observe their interesting interaction with the bears. As a result, this trip offers a wildlife encounter that will thrill you beyond expectation. On Day 6 we’ll return to Kodiak by floatplane.

Day 7 – Tour Conclusion

Return home today from Kodiak. We recommend that travelers do not book an early-morning flight out in case inclement weather prevents us from flying back to Kodiak on the evening of Day 6 as planned.


Kodiak Inn: Ideally located in downtown Kodiak overlooking beautiful St. Paul Harbor, the Kodiak Inn provides a comfortable base from which to explore the island.

The Grizzly Ship: Our "Grizzly Ship" is a converted tug boat/research vessel which is perfect for this type of unique exploration.




Departure Date Twin Single Triple
June 29- July 06* 2014 $7895 $8245  
July 03 - July 09 2014 $6995 $7345  

July 06 - July 12 2014

$6995 $7345  
July 09 - July 16 * 2014 $7895 $8245  
July 13- July 19 2014 $6995 $7345  
July 29 - August 04 2014 $6995 $7345  
August 01 - August 08* 2014 $7895 $8245  
August 05 - August 11 2014 $6995 $7345  
August 08 - August 15* 2014 $7895 $8245  
August 12- August 18 2014 $6995 $7345  
*8-day special Photo departures with Eric Rock
Please note: Our Photo Departures will spend one additional day on the boat, returning to Kodiak on Day 7 and home on Day 8.


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Please note: Single supplement is for accommodations in Kodiak only. Singles on the boat are not available due to space limitations.

Prices are land-only, per person and are given in US Dollars.