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Hudson Bay Lowlands Parks Canada

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Hudson Bay Lowlands

Polar Bears near Churchill, Wapusk National Park

Much of Canada’s Hudson Bay Lowlands is covered in permafrost. The area made up primarily of wetlands is best known for its polar bear inhabitants. In fact, the only National Park in the region, Wapusk, has one of the largest polar bear dens in the world. Located on the shores of Hudson Bay, Wapusk National Park is home to one of the most optimal locations to see polar bears—Cape Churchill, accessible only by helicopter or tundra buggy.

Arctic Fox near Churchill

While polar bears are the main attraction in this part of Canada, the Hudson Bay Lowlands also offers sites of historical significance that make any visit to the area a cultural one. Fort Prince of Wales, a stone fortification located on Hudson Bay across the river from Churchill and built by the Hudson Bay Company, is the most popular destination followed by York Factory, a trading post located on Hudson Bay used as the Hudson Bay Company’s primary fur trading center.

Popular Trips in the Hudson Bay Lowlands

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  2. Polar Bears of Churchill