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Churchill Town and Tundra Experience



7 days from $4,999

Churchill is a small, northern community with a lot of character; you won't find one of the big-chain hotels here that you might find in a larger centre. You will, however, find warm, down-home hospitality and clean, comfortable hotels with all the amenities. Staying in town will allow you to walk to and from the different venues, spend some time on your own, and perhaps meet some of the locals.Our hotel-based Adventures offer a well rounded program combining polar bear viewing with activities in and around the community of Churchill. These programs are designed for those who wish to learn about the history and culture of Churchill and region, as well as experience polar bears.On days that have a Tundra Buggy Adventure scheduled, participants will be transferred from town to the Tundra Buggy Launch where they will board a Buggy and begin their search for wildlife. The Buggy meanders over a system of established trails, stopping at leisure to enjoy the scenery, search for wildlife, and take photos. When daylight begins to fade, we'll head back to Launch and be transferred back to town and our hotels.Besides experiencing amazing polar bears from a Tundra Buggy and your Churchill hotel accommodations, you'll need to know what differentiates our Specialist, Enthusiast and Adventure departures.

Polar Bear on the Tundra, Churchill



    Tundra Buggy Days: 3
    Capacity: 22 people
    Guide Type: Interpretive Guides
    Lodging: 2 nights Winnipeg, 4 nights Churchill, MB
    Meals: All
    Transportation: R/T air


Day 1 – Arrive Winnipeg
Arrive in Winnipeg and spend the evening at the airport hotel.

Day 2 – Fly to Churchill
Fly from Winnipeg to Churchill. Tour the area including a visit to the Eskimo Museum. Overnight Churchill.

Days 3-4 – Polar Bear Sightings
Spend the next two days on the tundra in a Tundra Buggy with a knowledgeable guide, viewing polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. Overnight Churchill.

Day 5 – Churchill Fun & Culture
This morning embark on a dogsledding adventure. This afternoon visit the Parks Canada Interpretive Center for a Cultural arts presentation. Overnight Churchill.

Day 6 – Time on the Tundra
Today finds you in a Tundra Buggy once again with your knowledgeable guide, viewing polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. This evening return to Winnipeg by air. Overnight airport hotel.

Day 7 – Vacation Conclusion
The last day of your polar bear vacations finds you in Winnipeg where the day is at leisure.


Churchill and Area Tour: A guided bus tour of local and historical points of interest surrounding Churchill, including such attractions as Cape Merry, Port of Churchill and Manitoba Conservation's Polar Bear Holding Facility (weather permitting).

Dog Sledding: Hosted by a local resident and dog sledding expert, you will learn about the history associated with dog sledding in Northern Canada. Enjoy an exhilarating ride behind a strong team of huskies on a custom-made sled (or cart, weather permitting). Join the musher’s for hot chocolate and freshly made bannock after your ride and share their personal stories of their dog sledding adventures.

Eskimo Museum: The museum contains one of Canada's finest collections of Inuit carvings, kayaks and artifacts dating from pre- Dorset, Dorset, Thule, and modern Inuit times.

Interpretive-Guided Tundra Buggy Adventure: The best way to experience an intimate encounter with a wild polar bear is on an authentic Tundra Buggy. All of our Tundra Buggies are furnished with dual-pane frost-free windows and contain propane heating systems that closely resemble a cozy fireplace, with real flame (behind glass). Each day, we depart early and board our world famous Tundra Buggies looking for polar bears and other wildlife out on the tundra. You will enjoy picnic style lunches and refreshments while you are bear watching.
Parks Canada Interpretive Centre: Walk back in time viewing detailed and exciting wildlife dioramas, fur trade exhibits. View a series of videos on the history, culture and wildlife of the area. You leave chock-full of natural and historical information from the Churchill region.

Slide Presentation: Conducted by seasoned residents. Relax and soak-up years of northern experience communicated in enchanting stories and magnificent photography.

Way of the North: Exploring the issue of sustainable lifestyles, an interactive discussion with two First Nations elders learning about their lives growing-up in the wilds of Northern Manitoba near Churchill.





Departure Date Twin Single Triple
Oct 1st, 2013 $ 4,999.00    
Oct 13th, 2013 $ 6,249.00    
Oct 14th, 2013 $ 5,149.00    
Oct 16th, 2013 $ 5,149.00    
Oct 18th, 2013 $ 5,149.00    
Oct 20th, 2013 $ 5,649.00    
Oct 22nd, 2013 $ 5,349.00    
Oct 25th, 2013 $ 5,349.00    
Oct 29th, 2013 $ 5,849.00    
Nov 3rd, 2013 $ 5,849.00    
Nov 9th, 2013 $ 5,349.00    
Nov 4th, 2012 - Nov 10th, 2012 $ 5,849.00    
Nov 4th, 2012 - Nov 9th, 2012 $ 5,349.00    
Nov 8th, 2012 - Nov 13th, 2012 $ 5,349.00    
Nov 10th, 2012 - Nov 15th, 2012 $ 5,349.00    
Nov 11th, 2012 - Nov 16th, 2012 $ 5,349.00    
Nov 13th, 2012 - Nov 18th, 2012 $ 5,349.00    
Nov 14th, 2012 - Nov 19th, 2012 $ 5,349.00    


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