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Bay of Fundy

Canada’s Appalachian area is comprised of six regions, natural highlights of which include towering sea cliffs, mountain peaks, salt marshes, sandy beaches, flowing rivers, rock-studded lakes and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Eight National Parks make their home in this area, all of which provide a refreshing perspective on Canada’s coastal offerings.

High Sandstone Cliffs on Prince Edwards Island

A National Parks vacation to Canada’s Appalachian area can include the Fundy shore and its bay that showcases the wonders of the sea with the rise and fall of the tides; the ponds and marshes of Prince Edward Island and a true highlight of the Park: Green Gables House, made famous by the novel Anne of Green Gables; the coastal plains of Gros Morne and its numerous fossil sites; or, the rocky shoreline of Terra Nova, which has welcomed fisherman for centuries to its renowned Bonavista Bay and Newman Sound and whose land housed some of Newfoundland’s oldest settlements.

Gros Morne National Park

But there is more to the area than National Parks. The area is brimming with national historic sites including the Halifax Citadel, a restored British masonry fort, in Nova Scotia; Province House, the birthplace of Canada’s Confederation, on Prince Edward Island; Cape Spear Lighthouse, the oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland; and, Carleton Martello Tower, a fortification built to protect the city during the War of 1812, in New Brunswick.

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